Bridal Accessories: Mantilla Veil Perfection

The classic quality of a mantilla veil is sure to keep your wedding day look timeless for decades to come. The last thing you’ll be thinking when you look through your wedding album is, “What was I thinking?” With lace details that offer sophistication and elegance, it’s clear why these Spanish lace beauties are a bridal accessory that is highly sought after. If you’re a bride who’s in-store quest for the perfect mantilla has left you empty handed, try redirecting your search efforts online.

The Mantilla Company is an online boutique offering affordable bridal veils handmade in Spain. Each lace veil is carefully handcrafted by Spanish artisans who learned the trade from family members who learned fromtheir family members. They use quality European materials such as soft, silk-like tulle and French Alencon and Chantilly laces to create stunning a heirloom-worthy piece to wear on your wedding day.

Besides authenticity, you can also expect a wide range of choices. The Mantilla Company offers diamond white and ivory veils at various lengths with and without blushers. Most designs can also be customized to your liking. When you shop with them, you get the same personalized, friendly service you receive in bridal boutiques along with the conveniences of shopping online such as quick turn-around times (no waiting 3-4 months!) and a return policy.

Depending on the style you’re going for, a mantilla veil is the perfect bridal accessory to enhance your wedding day look. Whether you choose to make a bold, romantic or glamorous statement, wearing a Spanish veil is sure to keep your look timeless and classic. Here is just a quick look at what is available at The Mantilla Company. If you have any questions about their current or upcoming Fall collection, feel free to contact them!

handmade mantilla veil

From Red Carpet to Your Wedding: MTV Music Video Awards Recap

Besides the KILLER performance by none other than Beyonce, the MTV Music Video Awards did not disappoint this year! The fashion was fun, young, edge and totally worth watching!! These are a few of our leading ladies from Beyonce to the Kardashians & a few in-between! How would you incorporate these fashion forward looks into your wedding?
VMAs-3 VMAs-1 check_out_all_the_stars_at_the_2014_mtv_video_music_awards VMAs-9

Bridal Bling: Introducing The Windsor Collection from Brilliant Earth

Today we have the distinct privilege of sharing come beautiful engagement rings and bridal jewelry with you from the stunning Windsor Collection crafted by the talented Brilliant Earth.


These beautiful engagement rings represent a stunning area in history that is making a well-deserved comeback. Each unique piece is inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood and would be fit for a movie screen scarlet. These rings and jewelry have been hand crafted to channel the glamour of Hollywood’s Golden Age & the optimism of the post-war years with bold designs, feminine curves and a lavish use of diamonds.

Jasmine Diamond RingPosie Diamond Ring Polaris Diamond Ring Orianthe

They are each inspired by the exuberant beauty of an unforgettable moment in time and would be the perfect symbol of an unforgettable moment in your journey as a couple.


Each piece in the collection is hand-crafted to order according to the highest of standards of Brilliant Earth. There is no compromise to the quality and conscience used when creating these beautiful pieces as only .01% of the world’s diamonds meet Brilliant Earth’s standards for pure sourcing and exceptional quality.

And don’t forget about the other special ladies that are a part of your wedding day. The Windsor Collection has beautiful earrings and pendants in their collection for those special ladies.

Posie Diamond RingPolaris Diamond RingOriantheJasmine-Earrings-and-Pendant Polaris Diamond RingOrianthe

Ladies, feel free to leave this page open on your desktop for your soon-to-be fiancé to find & gents-happy shopping with Brilliant Earth! Jasmine Diamond RingJasmine Diamond Ring_side viewIris Matched SetIris Diamond Ring

Ireland: A beautiful countryside

This time last year I found myself in Ireland for the first time. I am still so taken back by the beauty of the Irish countryside that it only seemed fitting to share some pictures from our adventures with you in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Ireland now tops my list as one of the places I hope to someday design a wedding in. There is such a timeless romance all throughout Ireland that you cannot help but get lost in!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!










From the red carpet to your wedding: Inspiration from The Oscars

What does every girl look forward to during award show season….THE FASHION!!! As a designer, I am constantly inspired by all things fashion. So, you can imagine how overly excited & inspired I get during award show season! The fashion is always incredible and I am loving the nod to Old Hollywood glamour! Everyone looks so sophisticated and ravishing! This is one fashion trend I hope will stick around for years to come!!

I love sharing my inspiration with the world and this week is no exception! Below you will see four wedding story boards we created inspired by the beautiful lady to the left of them. Each is as beautiful as the next, but also as unique. These are just a few ways for you to incorporate some red carpet fashion into your wedding day inspiration!

Charlize Theron was flawless in Dior Haute Couture proving that the simplest of details can make the most dramatic of an impact. Golds, creams, berries and greens would compliment this wedding filled with candlelight, chandeliers and plenty of metallics!

inspired by Charlize Theron

Lupita Nyong’o took us straight to a french countryside in this beautiful gown by Prada. We feel in love with a creamy, peach and gold color palette to accent this breath-taking gown.

inspired by Lupita Nyong'o

Karen O was a dream in Camilla Staerk & Brandy St. John. Her classic black palette and bold lip drew us into the art deco era. Inspired by all things classic black, white and gold with a touch of emerald green, we see this bride having a lavish country side estate wedding.

inspired by Karen O

Jennifer Lawrence was a breathe of fresh air in Dior Haute Couture. She took us straight to the Hampton’s for an upscale summer soiree created around a vibrant palette of reds, pinks, corals and creams.

inspired by Jennifer Lawrence

Jenna Dewan-Tatum proved to be the perfect inspiration for a garden wedding in Reem Acra. We love the idea of brining in purples and silvers to play up the beautiful details of this gown while staying true to the soft details.

inspired by Jenna Dewan-Tatum copy


photo credit – Charlize Theron – red carpet image: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images, inspiration images: Aaron Delesie // Lupita Nyong’o – red carpet image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images, inspiration images: Rylee Hitchner  // Karen O – red carpet image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images, inspiration images: Mike Larson // Jennifer Lawrence – red carpet image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images, inspiration images: KT Merry // Jenna Dewan-Tatum – red carpet image: Steve Granitz/WireImage, inspiration images: Elizabeth Messina

Bridal Party Guide: The Maid of Honor

Bride & Maid of Honor

In the realm of weddings, there are a plenty of beautiful resources for brides. But what about the bridal party? Today we are excited to begin our series for those who are instrumental in making the big day one filled with friendship and love, but who receive a bit less attention and often minimal guidance.

We open the Bridal Party Guide with tips for the Maid of Honor.

As one of the most integral bridal confidants, the Maid of Honor acts not only as the bride’s right-hand woman throughout planning, but also accepts the responsibilities of organizing traditional events leading up to the wedding. Likewise, she assumes a leadership role within the bridal party to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Not least of all, the Maid of Honor is tasked with the privilege to pay tribute to the bride with a speech on the day of the wedding. Although such an extensive list of duties may feel overwhelming at first, proper planning, organization, and a loving heart will help usher the Maid of Honor through this process with ease and grace. If you start to feel your heart flutter in the face of these many tasks, just relax — we’re here to help!

Hosting the Bridal Shower.  Typically, the Maid of Honor hosts the bridal shower; however, if the Maid of Honor is a relative of the bride, convention suggests that someone else take the torch for this event. The reason for this little caveat lies in not wanting the bride’s family to come across as greedy in trying to garner more gifts for the bride. Of course, in modern times, it is often socially acceptable for a relative to host the shower. Basically, it just depends on what kinds of traditions you feel are important to you and those involved. A tip about hosting the bridal shower: it is always most useful to have someone at the helm, steering the event (the Maid of Honor); but, it is certainly preferable to delegate many aspects of the preparation and involve the rest of the bridal shower in the entire process. In this way, not only does the whole bridal party feel included, but a lot more can be accomplished together.

Davia Lee1


Accompanying the Bride to Wedding Appointments.  Even though there will be many more appointments than a Maid of Honor could likely attend, it’s certainly nice to accompany the bride whenever possible. If she doesn’t ask, then no need to insist on going, but it never hurts to offer extra help. The kinds of appointments that a Maid of Honor might attend are: decor & event rentals, venue visits, and most definitely fittings. Pretty much anything in the sphere of planning for the big day is fair game, although the bride will (or should) understand if not all dates can be met. Going to fittings can be fun and meaningful experiences that brides and their Maids of Honor share before the big day. Additionally, some brides want their Maid of Honor to help them pick out bridesmaid dresses (although some may also want to choose independently), and help coordinate with the groomsmen.

La Tavola Linen


Throwing the Bachelorette Party.  Just as the Maid of Honor hosts the initial celebration (the bridal shower) for the bride, she also organizes the bachelorette party. The Maid of Honor is responsible for organizing the outing, booking any reservations, and coordinating the bridal party. Along these lines, it is typical for the Maid of Honor to collect funds for the party from all bridesmaids, understanding that not everyone may be able to contribute equally. If the party is an out-of-town excursion, then it is necessary to first touch base with the bride for setting firm plans, especially if the pooled funds do not cover the entire cost of the bride’s trip. Once at the party destination, all travel expenses, food, lodging, and activities are to have already been planned and paid for by the bridal party. This should truly be a carefree time for the bride! No matter how elaborate or where the bachelorette party takes place, however — at a low-key local hot spot, a soothing spa retreat, or a wild and crazy destination — it will nonetheless be a fun-loving time full of wonderful memories for the bride and her best friends!

Bachelorette Party


Giving a Reception Speech.  One of the parts that Maids of Honor fear most about their role is delivering the traditional speech paying tribute to the bride. Although public speaking can be daunting, this is a very meaningful moment for the bride and gives the Maid of Honor the opportunity to make it treasurable and extra special. It is very helpful to just take a deep breath and step back before even writing the speech. Sure, a roomful of people may be listening, but it’s not about your nerves; it’s about the bride. What makes her so special and unique? When in doubt, speak from the heart. . . or do something totally different like the Maid of Honor in this YouTube video:


Being a Maid of Honor is truly an honor. And although it may consist of many responsibilities, the role can lend itself to being extraordinarily fun and rewarding. Throughout the process, it’s important to understand that the Maid of Honor is there to support the bride and make the preparation experience as seamless as possible. Certainly, it’s not meant to be a full-time job, so it’s necessary to comprehend exactly which duties fall upon the Maid of Honor and how she can delegate and share the tasks with the rest of the bridal party. If you’re ever wondering where to turn next or how to help, call and check in with the bride. You’re there for her, and she is there for you as well.


photo credit  ~  photo one: // photo two:  // photo three: // photo four: // video:

Radiant Orchid, Radiant Wedding {Part 3 of 3}

And, our finale post on the remarkable Color of the Year:  radiant orchid! Unlike a color like emerald or blue, there is so much you can do with this hue at your wedding. Here is a phase-by-phase application of the beautiful color to your big day:




Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 11.11.15 PM


Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 9.58.53 PM purple wedding flower ideas wedding bouquet_3 magenta-purple-orchid-bridal-bouquets-evantine Taboo-Resort-Wedding-15 img_4704$!400x








30-trendy-and-gorgeous-radiant-orchid-wedding-ideas-17-500x749Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 10.13.22 PM



. . .


This is a stunning and versatile color for nuptials, so 2014 count your lucky wedding dreams — many of them can surely come true through Radiant Orchid.



photo credit  ~  photo one: // photo two:  // photo three: // photo four: // photo five: // photo six: // photo seven: // photo eight: // photo nine: // photo ten: // photo eleven: // photo twelve: // photo thirteen: // photo fourteen: // photo fifteen: // photo sixteen: bravo // photo seventeen:

Radiant Orchid: Incorporating into Your Wedding {Part 2 of 3}

One of the great attributes of this year’s color of the year, Radiant Orchid, is how fluidly it lends itself to dialing up or down the vibrancy. There’s a magnificent array of tones within this color vein, and its ability to brighten or subdue allows it to set the mood for any worthwhile affair. As you can see from the looks below, the color taps beautifully into the sphere of ombre palettes and is an ideal candidate if you want to create a spectrum of soothing, enriching tones.


Radiant Orchid Ribbon Dress

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 5.25.44 PM

Radiant Orchid - Invites

“Dipped.” A lovely look that generates warmth and hand-crafted style.


Radiant Orchid - Elie Saab

One of the great things about Radiant Orchid is its versatility — you can really turn it up a notch with a brighter hue.


Radiant Orchid - Dior

No one says it quite like Dior.


Radiant Orchid - Dior Diamond Ring

Dior again.

Radiant Orchid - Bouquets

The result of combing the spectrum of Radiant Orchid hues together in one beautiful arrangement. It makes quite a statement, yet maintains an engaging, sophisticated appeal. 

From the stylings above, it’s clear that you can incorporate the color of the year, Radiant Orchid, through a wealth of various streams: bridesmaids dresses, shoes, invitations, accessories, flowers. . . the possibilities are infinite.

When crafting the color styling of your big day the most important part is making sure that the color compliments the entire event. This means integrating it in a way that does not draw attention away from the true meaning of the wedding, but rather supports the feeling and spirit of your union. Make sure Radiant Orchid serves to enhance your experience and brings an even deeper and richer layer of magic into your treasured day.


Enjoy the brilliance!




photo credit  ~  photo one: // photo two:  // photo three: // photo four: // photo five: // photo six: // photo seven: // photo eight: // photo nine: my camera // photo ten: // photo eleven: //


Radiant Orchid: An Intro to the Color of the Year {Part 1 of 3}

Welcome to 2014, a year that is sure to be characterized by the imagination and creativity that Pantone’s star color — Radiant Orchid — emanates. One of the most beautiful aspects of this color resides in the smorgasbord of possible creative paths it can lead you down when it comes to design. Just take a peek at the following images for an idea of how many *fun* and *different* statements it can make when left to run wild in the imagination.

Radiant Orchid

“An invitation to innovation, Radiant Orchid encourages expanded creativity and originality, which is increasingly valued in today’s society,” according to Leatrice Elseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®.



Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm,” explains Elseman.



Uplifting and bold without being overpowering, Radiant Orchid reenergizes almost any color palate, especially against the background of grey, beige, and taupe. – Pantone Color Institute®



I always find it intriguing how insightful the Pantone selection for Color of the Year is. For example, last year’s color was Emerald and symbolized growth, renewal, and prosperity — which turned out to be pretty accurate for many people I know as well as a general look at the societal landscape. That being said, I’m super excited for the delights and fascinating imaginings that 2014 will bring with Radiant Orchid as inspiration for its joyous creativity. Here’s to a radiant 2014!





photo credit  ~  photo one: // photo two:  // photo three: // photo four:


Highlights from the Year!

As we head full-throttle into 2014 (can you believe it’s already the 3rd day of the new year?! mind-blowing.), it feels good to take a nice, deep, and *rewarding sigh when looking back at 2013 to review all that we did. For a little peek into what I’ve been up to, check out the milestones below.

1) Named a winner of The Knot’s Best of Weddings award:



2) Styled a segment for KCAL Channel 9 and CA Adventure TV:


3) Published in:


Mag - CWD


4) Published in:


Mag - I Do


5) Published in:




6) Featured on:


Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 11.06.28 PMScreen Shot 2014-01-07 at 11.18.41 PM

7) Featured on:


Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 11.05.12 PMScreen Shot 2014-01-07 at 11.14.52 PM

8) Featured on:


Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 11.05.57 PMPre - Wedding Ch

9) Featured on:



Pre - Ruffled wedding_magazine_feature_pg2

10) Featured on:



Pre - Modern Weddings


11) Featured on:


L&L Pre - Love & Lavender


12) Asked to style the front window of La Soie Bridal in Santa Barbara:


La Soie


13) Became a part of the Wedding ChicksUtterly Engaged, and Style Unveiled wedding planner directories, as well as a Tastemaster on Inspired by This


14) And, my favorite part of all, designed and planned weddings with fabulous brides at gorgeous venues, including:


Canary Hotel



Santa B Historical Museum



Figueroa Mountain



Sunstone Villa1


To be perfectly honest, the best part of 2013 for me was working with such incredible couples. It’s truly what I live for and I delight in making wedding day dreams come true. So, thank you for contributing such joy and light to my life! Here’s to a marvelous 2014 with my brides-and-grooms-to-be! : )





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